Kingdom Two Crowns Kingdoms Guide

Kingdom Two Crowns Kingdoms

Home is where the heart is, right? Well, in Kingdom Two Crowns, home is where your well-armed, fortified castle is. There are a lot of options when building your Kingdom, starting with a lowly campsite and ending with a sprawling castle. Want the rundown on building you Kingdom? Stick with Nerds and Scoundrels for our Kingdom Two Crowns Kingdoms Guide.

Kingdom Two Crowns Kingdoms Guide

Like every building in Kingdom Two Crowns, when you build a Kingdom you will immediately get one or two random workers assigned to it. This true regardless of the time of day, so it is best to build these during the day.

Your Kingdom is the center of your realm. It is the only place you can buy tools needed by your subjects. Unlike other buildings that can be updated rapid-fire, there is a cooling off period of about a day each time you update your kingdom.

Tier 0: Campsite

Your starting kingdom is just a lowly campsite. A campsite will always spawn near the center of each island, and usually come with a vagrant or two. Each campsite has two tier 0 walls and two tier 0 towers on each side.

Tier 1: Campfire

Cost: 3 Coins
Age: Wood

The first upgrade to your home base is a simple camp fire. With the addition of the fire, you also spawn a shop on either side of the fire. One is a bow shop where you can purchase up to 4 bows at once. Each bow is 2 coins each. On the other side of the fire is the hammer shop. In this shop, you may purchase up to four hammers at once at a price of 3 coins  per hammer.

Tier 2: Camp

Cost: 5 Coins
Age: Wood

A small upgrade, upgrading your campfire to a Camp will erect tent around your campfire and help grow the population of your Kingdom.

Tier 3: Village

Cost: 9 Coins
Age: Wood

For 9 coins, you can upgrade to a Village. It operates the same as a camp but includes Tier 1 walls on each side if you haven’t built them separately. This isn’t particularly useful on its own, as a tier 1 wall is only 1 Coin. But to get the best kingdoms requires that you complete this upgrade.

Tier 4: Town

Cost: 12 Coins
Age: Wood

The final upgrade during the Wood Age, a town will spawn a large, church-like structure in the center of town. It will also spawn a banker within the Kingdom walls.

Tier 5: Fort

Cost: 15 Coins
Age: Stone

The first kingdom upgrade of the Stone Age, the Fort is also the first serious defensive upgrade your kingdom can make. It automatically erects stone walls on each side of your kingdom. This gives you tier 3 walls and tier 2 towers on each side of the kingdom. This isn’t a bad deal as building the walls alone would be 10 coins.

Tier 6: Castle

Cost: 18 Coins
Age: Stone

The final upgrade of the Iron Age, this upgrade constructs a castle in the middle of your kingdom. It also allows you to purchase four shields for four coins each.

Tier 7: Iron Castle

Cost: 20 Coins
Age: Iron

The ultimate kingdom upgrade, the Iron Castle is the first an only kingdom upgrade available during the Iron Age. This upgrade fortifies your castle with iron, which means getting free iron walls on each side of your kingdom if you haven’t already built them.

Kingdom Two Crowns Kingdoms

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Kingdom Two Crowns Kingdoms Guide. Did you find this guide to be helpful? If so, let us know by leaving a comment below. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Kingdom Two Crowns content here at Nerds and Scoundrels!

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