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ffxiv the will to rest

So, you’ve made a really good resistance weapon and you want an even better one, eh? Well, now you can! To get the recollection weapons, you have to go through this repeatable quest, which asks you to tackle the gathering of even more memories. Thankfully, unlike For Want of a Memory, you’re at least going to have to get a few less! Learn the best ways to grind memories in our FFXIV The Will to Resist guide!

FFXIV The Will to Resist Guide

To get this far, you need to do a few things. You need to have an Augmented Resistance Weapon in your inventory. That means you’ve done the For Want of a Memory quest, and every prerequisite until then. First of all, fantastic work getting here! Now, we’re going for the Recollection weapons, which are the highest tier non-crafting weapons currently released.

Best Bitter Memory Grind

You get bitter memories from three sources.

  • Fighting at the southern front.
  • Clearing any level 60 dungeon.
    • You can’t use Undersized Party to quickly grind level 60 dungeons, unfortunately!
  • Completing the Duty Roulette: Leveling.

If your only goal is to farm the dungeons, then the Antitower is by far the easiest dungeon to just blast through. The Antitower is a level 60 dungeon whose bosses are not that slow at all! There’s a few slow pulls, but nothing compared to the other level 60 experiences. And much better than praying on the southern front!

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The Recollection weapons are, currently, your best option for weapons that you don’t drop millions of zeni on. If you’re just looking for the best weapon you can get your mitts on so you can start raiding, look no further! This is honestly not even that bad of a grind, as long as you don’t despise the dungeon system of FFXIV… And considering you’re max level, I really hope that’s not the case! That’s it for our The Will to Resist FFXIV Guide!

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