Hogwarts Legacy: Should You Wait to Open Chests?

There is discourse among Hogwarts Legacy fans on the right time to open treasure chests. If you didn’t know already, the loot you find in these chests levels based on your level at the time you open it. That means the longer you wait to open chests, the stronger those items might be. Is it worth it to wait, though? We break it down in our Hogwarts Legacy: Should You Wait to Open Chests Guide.

The Right Time to Wait and Open Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy should you wait to open chests

The chests you open in Hogwarts Legacy do change in value based on your level. But how important is it to wait to open them? First thing’s first: you aren’t going to be held back or underpowered if you open loot as you come across it. There are hundreds of chests out there, and some of them you’ll only find later in the game. What’s more, a number of important chests are hidden behind locked doors so that you can’t get them too early. In my opinion, don’t hold off on opening chests as there is plenty of loot to go around. If you’re like me, you won’t bother to return to half the chests you find anyway.

Still, if you care about min/maxing, you may get some benefits out of holding off on opening these chests. That’s really up to you!

Are There Times When I Should Wait to Open a Chest?

If you are going to bother with waiting to open your chests, the best time to do so is with those large legendary chests. These chests give you legendary gear, and reportedly could drop something other than legendary items if you open them early in the game.

Are There Chests I Should Always Open?

In my view, there is no reason to wait on opening the eyeball chests. These chests are almost always full of gold, which you will find countless ways to earn more of. Grab that loot when you can.

That’s it for our guide! Feel differently about things? Let us know in the comment section below.

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