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There are sidequests aplenty in Hogwarts Legacy. One of the first sidequests you’ll have a chance to pick up in Hogwarts Legacy is Gobs of Gobstones. You’ll get the chance to help poor Zenobia recover her stinky gobstones partway through the first main story quest. This sidequest – Gobs of Gobstones – requires you to find all of the smelly marbles her classmates have hidden from her around the school. Learn where they all can be found with our Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones Guide.

How to Start the Gobs of Gobstones Quest

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Gobs of Gobstones is not immediately available to you at the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy. However, you will be able to access this quest early on. Once you complete the quest “Weasley After Class,” you’ll have a chance to encounter a fellow student named Zenobia. She’ll be loudly wondering if an older student couldn’t help her with a task.

If you approach Zenobia, she will tell you about her Gobstones. Essentially marbles, gobstones have the added “fun” of spraying the loser with a foul-smelling liquid after each game. Fed up with the game (and the smell), the fellow students hid her gobstones. She’s tasked you with finding all six of them.

All Gobstones Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

All six gobstones are spread around Hogwarts. They are generally up high and out of reach.

Gobstone #1

First, head to the Astronomy Wing. You’ll find the first of these gobstones outside on top of the walkway.

Gobstone #2

The next Gobstone can be found in the Library Annex. Head to the top of the stairs and you’ll find one hidden on a chandelier.

Gobstone #3

For Gobstone #3, you’ll stay in the Library Annex. Just head back down the stairs from the second gobstone location until you reach the balcony level overlooking the library. You’ll find the gobstone in the rafters.

Gobstone #4

You can find the fourth gobstone in the Grand Staircase area. Specifically, look for it overhead in the Ravenclaw Tower near the Floo Flame. The stone is nestled at the top of a pillar.

Gobstone #5

The fifth stone is also in the Grand Staircase area, fairly close to the 4th gobstone. You’ll find it above a door in the Trophy Room.

Gobstone #6

The sixth gobstone is only a few feet away from the 5th. Just enter the door opposite where you found the 5th stone, and you’ll see it high on a shelf.

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