Kingdom Hearts 3 Starting Choices Guide

Kingdom Hearts 3 Starting Choices

At the start of Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll get a few options to choose from the help round out your character. This is more than just a cosmetic choice, though. These choices will affect your starting stats and will generally help shape the way you play the game. Once the choices are made there’s no going back, so be sure to read our Kingdom Hearts 3 Starting Choices Guide here at Nerds and Scoundrels before you get rolling.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Starting Choices Guide

There are three major choices you’ll need to make when you start Kingdom Hearts 3. These choices matter, and they can’t be changed later, but that’s no reason to stress it. You can still play the game however you like. If you go in a different direction from your initial build it won’t take long to catch up, skill wise.


This one is pretty straightforward; either choose easy, normal, or hard. This will obviously affect the way you play Kingdom Hearts 3, but there is an extra layer to this decision you should know. The secret movie for Kingdom Hearts 3 can only be unlocked by collecting Lucky Emblems as you play through the game. The lower the difficultly, the more Lucky Emblems you’ll need to unlock the video.

Wisdom, Vitality, or Balance

Kingdom Hearts 3 Starting Choices

The first choice that directly affects your character skills is the decision to focus on Wisdom, Vitality, or Balance.

If you believe you’ll focus on using magic, Wisdom is a good choice. You will begin the game with 120 MP and 90 HP. This gives you the most MP possible but also the lowest health. As you level up you’ll get magical upgrades first, then defense, then physical attacks.

If you just want to brawl, Vitality is the best choice. You’ll start with 120 HP and 100 MP. This is the most HP you can start with, but at the cost of MP. When leveling up, you’ll start with physical attack upgrades, then defense upgrades, then magic upgrades.

Want to do a little of both? Choose Balance. You will start with 105 HP and 110 MP, putting you squarely in the middle for both categories. All of your stats will go up at the same rate as well.

Any of these choices are fine, but I prefer going with Wisdom. Magic is especially strong in the early game which is when these choices matter the most.

Guardian, Warrior, or Mystic

This choice doesn’t alter your stats, but it does give you a unique ability.

If you choose Guardian, you will get a passive ability that increases your defense when your HP level is low.

With Warrior, you get the added bonus of an additional swing when performing a combo on the ground.

Finally, Mystic gives you a reduction in the Mana you consume if you are continually using magic.

These are all useful in their own way, but with Mana always tight we’re a fan of choosing Mystic. After the choices are made, you’ll have a final choice: “is this who you are?” If you select yes, it’s off to the races!

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Kingdom Hearts 3 Starting Choices Guide. Feel like you’re ready to jump right into your first game? Awesome! Let us know how it goes in our comment section below. And don’t forget to check out all of our Kingdom Hearts 3 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.


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