Hogwarts Legacy: Should You Turn Sebastian In?

There are a lot of dialogue choices to make in Hogwarts Legacy. In reality, most of them have little impact on how your game turns out. You can lie to Natty or Professor Weasley comfortably, for example. However, the decision regarding turning in Sebastian has higher stakes. Learn about your options in our Hogwarts Legacy Should I Turn Sebastian In Guide.

Spoiler Warning: There are major spoilers ahead

Should I Turn in Sebastian or Not in Hogwarts Legacy?

hogwarts legacy should you turn sebastian in

Sebastian is one of the most interesting characters in Hogwarts Legacy. While most of your classmates seem pure as the driven snow, Sebastian has an edge. He’s curious about dark magic, doesn’t mind lying, and is driven to help cure his sister of some strange illness.

Sebastian’s story comes to a head when you wrap up his companion side quest. During the story, you learn that he killed his uncle using Avada Kedavra. When he returns to the Undercroft, you find him engaged in an argument with Ominis. Sebastian claims he did what had to be done, and you will have the chance to tell him he went too far or take his side. Your choice here doesn’t really matter. Speaking to Ominis after this is where you will decide Sebastian’s fate. This decision has major consequences.

  • Turn Sebastian In. If you turn Sebastian in, he is expelled from Hogwarts and sent to Azkaban. You will not see him again and only hear about his condition second-hand from Ominis.
  • Let Sebastian Go. If you refuse to turn Sebastian in, he will remain at Hogwarts. Ominis will reluctantly side with you and convince Anne not to turn Sebastian in.

Why does it matter? Beyond dialogue, Sebastian is your only route to learn dark magic like Avada Kedavra. If you turn him in, your chance to learn those spells go with him. If you don’t turn him in, you will have the option to return to him and learn those spells later on. Your desire to learn dark magic is probably the most important factor here.

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