FFXIV Make It Rain 2020 Guide | All Important Parts of the Event

ffxiv make it rain

We’ve got a seasonal event on our hands! 2020 has been full of delays, but nobody expected the Make It Rain event to get pushed back! Thankfully, it’s back now, and it’s full of all the gambling bliss that we’re used to! If this is your first time in a Make It Rain event, there’s usually a benefit and one seasonal quest to look after. This year is no different, and it’s time to get started with your gambling attractions! If you’re looking for some rewards reliant on MGP grinding, the FFXIV Make it Rain event is your time to shine!

FFXIV Make It Rain 2020 Guide

Make it Rain gives the Manderville Gold Saucer event some very specific bonuses. While the event is running (which it will run until November 20th this year!), you gain 50% more MGP from activities. There is also a big discount applied to standard rewards in the Gold Saucer. Finally, there’s one event quest that gives you specific rewards, like an emote, that you can hunt down.

There are a ton of standard rewards that the Gold Saucer discounts, way too much to list here! If you’ve ever had your eye on anything in this shop, now’s a great time to start grinding for them! There’s a ton of weapon, armor, and mount cosmetics to grab, so you can look fresh while you raid late game dungeons!

The event quest is called “Caught Shorthanded,” which can be found at x 9.4, t 9.2 in Uldah. This quest grants you the emote Consider and 5,000 MGP – a huge amount to just get given to you! If you’re interested in MGP farming at all, this quest is an absolutely stellar start!

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