Hogwarts Legacy: Can You Become an Auror?

You can be a lot of things in Hogwarts Legacy. You can join any house, practice dark magic, and even tame wild beasts. But can you become an auror? An auror is a high-ranking form of law enforcement agent in the wizarding world, and joining those ranks is not easy. Can you do it in Hogwarts Legacy? Let’s dive into our Hogwarts Legacy Can You become an Auror Guide to find out.

You Cannot Become an Auror in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy can you become an auror

Unfortunately, there is not an option to become an auror at any point in Hogwarts Legacy. it is worth remembering that the plot of the game takes place during a student’s 5th year. Given the rigorous qualifications that go into becoming an auror, there is not an option to achieve that role during the course of the game. Seems like a good thought for a sequel though, yes?

Completing the Auror’s Apprentice Achievement

You might not be able to become an auror in Hogwarts Legacy, but there is a secret achievement with an auror theme. This achievement is not advertised in the game, and you can only complete it if you ar a member of House Hufflepuff. From there, you only need to reach the Map Room in order to secure this achievement.

And that’s our guide! Becoming an auror isn’t part of Hogwarts Legacy, but there is plenty to do in and around Hogwarts.

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