Starfield: Can You Remove Mods From Weapons?

Weapons – like virtually everything else in Starfield – can be heavily modified. In some cases, you can completely alter a weapon from its original style and purpose. But what if you’re tired of a mod you’ve put on a weapon? Well, you can always remove it! Learn more with our Starfield Can You Remove Mods From Weapons Guide.

You Can Remove Mods from Weapons in Starfield

starfield can you remove mods from weapons

Removing mods is simple, and it follows mostly the same process for adding them to your weapon. First, you’ll need to find a weapons bench. This could be at an outpost or the lodge, for example. At the bench, you can scroll through all of the weapons you have in your inventory.

To remove a mod, select the appropriate weapon with the mod you want to remove. Navigate to the mod, and then depending on the circumstances either change that selection to No Mod or replace it with a different mod. While in theory this allows you to remove your mod, you are essentially reverting the weapon back to its default build.

To use the removed mod again, you will need to craft it back to a new weapon. That means if you lack the skills to craft that mod, you won’t be able to use it again until you upgrade your skills. Keep in mind that while you can remove weapons mods, there are certain modifiers attached to Rare, Epic, or Legendary weapons that can never be removed. These are attributes related to the weapon itself as opposed to a modular part on the gun.

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