Spiderman The Heist Like Old Times Walkthrough

Spiderman the Heist Like Old Times

Looking for help with the Spiderman The Heist Like Old Times mission? Look no further, because Nerds and Scoundrels has your back! This Marvel’s Spiderman mission opens with Spidey dropping in on a firefight, and can typically be finished around 10 minutes. Want the scoop on blowing through this quest? Keep reading our Spiderman The Heist Like Old Times walkthrough here at Nerds and Scoundrels to get all the answers!

The white-haired chick! She told us to come down here and make some noise!

Spiderman The Heist Like Old Times Walkthrough

Spiderman The Heist Like Old Times

Like Old Times starts with you sticking your nose in the middle of a mobbed up gunfight. Before any innocent civilians get hurt, you’ll need to take out everyone on both sides. There ten or so bad guys which is hardly a fair fight: for them. Clearing out the baddies only seems rewarding for a moment though, as a delivery pulls up and out jumps this guy:

Spiderman The Heist Like Old Times

If that isn’t enough, five more of his friends show up as he starts shooting. The big guy with the gun isn’t quite as tough as he looks; you can do a finisher on him and put him out of commission before most of his friends are even in a position to shoot at you. From there you just need to clean up the stragglers.

Once finished, you will go to a cut scene where you discover a final thug trying to escape. After webbing him to a car and giving him a menacing look, he tells you Black Cat had set this shootout up. You’ve been played! You realize that this was all a distraction to draw you away from Black Cat’s target: a bodega on Waverly Street operated by the Maggia crime family.

Waverly Street

Spiderman The Heist Like Old TimesOnce you get to the bodega, scan the environment and you will see her foot (Paw?) prints going up the wall to the roof. On the roof you’ll discover her stakeout gear which includes a telescope. Look through the scope until you see something twinkling on the roof of the building directly in front of you. Zeroing in on the roof, you will see Black Cat scamper across the roof and enter the building. In a cut scene you follow her only for her to get the jump on you. Warning her not to mess with the Maggia’s only has her drop a stolen Statue of Liberty model in your hands after removing a data drive from inside. She leaves just in time for thugs to run onto the roof, see you with the Statue of Liberty, and assume you are helping Black Cat.

Two waves of thugs will attack, including another guy with a giant Gatling gun. Using Spidey Bot will help you with crowd control. After the fight, follow the mission indicator to a nearby roof to confront Black Cat.

Catching up with Black Cat

When you arrive at the roof, Black Cat banters with you playfully until you press her on why she’s helping Hammerhead. Before throwing a smoke bomb and running, she tells you if she doesn’t they will kill her son. The Cat gets away, and you are left considering if you are the father as the mission comes to an end.

Nerds and Scoundrels

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