CrossCode – How to Change Difficulty (SOLVED)

CrossCode How to Change Difficulty

CrossCode has been around for a few years thanks to the hard work of Developer Radical Fish. A popular PC game since 2018, CrossCode is seeing renewed interest thanks to its Switch release. With that in mind, we have adapted some guides to get you started. If you want to adjust the challenge you face in the game, keep reading our CrossCode How to Change Difficulty Guide below.

CrossCode How to Change Difficulty Guide

Changing the difficulty in CrossCode takes more than simply choosing from a few pre-selection options. This is good news, as the end result is customizable experience you tweak to your liking.

Difficulty in CrossCode comes in two forms. First, the challenge of dodging in real-time combat can be tweaked. Second, difficulty arises based on the complexity of the environmental puzzles you have to crack. Both of these factors can be changed directly.

To change the difficulty, you need only to press the + button to bring up the Pause menu. Navigate to Options. There, you can use L and R to navigate to the Assists tab. Here, you can adjust the sliders for difficulty in both tasks. You can make combat simple while leaving the challenges tricky, or vice-versa. You can also turn up or down the difficulty level on both aspects of the game. The world is your oyster!

Don’t be shy on adjusting these options as you play. there are no ramifications on the story for tweaking difficulty mid-game.

Nerds and Scoundrels

That wraps up our CrossCode How to Change Difficulty Guide. CrossCode is a great game that provides lots of options, including tweaking the challenge level you face. If you still have any questions at the end of this guide, be sure to drop them in the comment section below!

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