How to Stop Fans in High on Life

Are there a lot of fans in High on Life or what? These giant fans can be frustrating, especially early on in the game. The good news is that there is a way to get through them once you have the right tool. Learn more about how to stop fans in High on Life with our guide.

The Key to Stopping Fans in High on Life

How to Stop Fans in High on Life

There is only one way to stop the fans in High on Life, and that is using the weapon known as Sweezy and her ability Time Bubble.

Getting Sweezy

If you want to slow down fans in High on Life, you’ll need the semi-auto pistol called Sweezy. She is a very useful weapon with a special ability that allows you to slow down and travel through fans – but you can’t get her without a fight.

To get Sweezy, you will need to defeat an NPC known as Douglas. You can find Douglas on Port Terrene, where one of the bounty hunter missions will lead you right to him. In the battle, Douglas is wielding Sweezy. Defeat him and the weapon is yours!

Using Sweezy to Slow Down Fans

Sweezy will tell you to slow down a fan using one of her Time Bubbles as soon as you acquire her. The Time Bubble is one of the special modes exclusive to this weapon. You’ll need to figure this out to advance in the game, given that a fan is the only way out of Douglas’s boss room. There are more than one fan that will need to be slowed in order for you to escape. Trust me when I say you’ll get lots of practice with this!

There are a ton of fans out there in the world, and Sweezy can help you with all of them. From here on out, just whip out Sweezy and you can pass through them without breaking a sweat!

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