Greedfall Coin Guard Merchandise Quest

greedfall coin guard merchandise

Welcome to the world of Greedfall! You, a neutral human, has just arrived on a beautiful tropical island full of magical surprises that are beyond your imagination as you are trying to find a cure to a mysterious illness that you and the people you care about have contracted. But first, you will need to complete your first mission – the Coin Guard Merchandise side quest.

Greedfall Coin Guard Merchandise Walkthrough

This side quest is designed to help you learn the mechanics of the game before you dive deep into the rich story Greedfall has to offer. They don’t make it easy for you though! First, you will attempt to negotiate with the Guard Vendor through one of three methods – threaten a prison sentence, bribing, or beating the crap out of him. Whichever method you choose will have an impact on the rest of the quest, and it will not change the fact that you will have to find the ship’s log and tamper with it. You leave the ship’s log so you can find Coin Guard Quartermaster, who informs you that you will need to take a drugged drink to the guard at the Naut warehouse.

You can find the drink by following these direction:

  1. Purchase brandy and sleeping pills from the merchant.
  2. Craft the laced drink at a crafting table.
  3. Take the drink to the guard and watch him fall into a deep slumber.

And now you can get on the boat so you can complete your first side quest! You speak with the porter on the boat, and he will load your product into the warehouse. The Coin Guard Quartermaster will give you verbal confirmation that everything is complete.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Greedfall Coin Guard Merchandise Guide! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section.


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