A Hat in Time – All Metro Food Combos

A Hat in Time All Metro Food Combos

The makers of A Hat in Time call the game a cute-as-heck platformer – and they’re not wrong! This game is a delight, and the devs have a knack for putting together fun DLC. Nerds and Scoundrels has put together a brief guide on how to get all metro food combos in A Hat in Time. See it below!

All Metro Food Combos

Every food combo in DLC.

Where to find them

Most of these combos are near the yellow manhole, but a few can be found just outside it.

Cookies and Coffee

  • Cookies and coffee

Burger and Soda

  • Burger and Soda

Dumplings and Tea

  • Dumplings and Tea
  • also called Yum Cha

Juicebox and Cake

  • Juicebox and cake
  • Also called Dessert

Fish and Chips(Fries)

  • Fish and Chips(Fries)

Curry and Rice

  • Curry and Rice

Triple Scoop and Large Soda

  • Triple Scoop and Large Soda
  • also called Ice Cream Float

Pizza and Large Soda

  • Pizza and Large Soda
  • Also called Pizza Menu

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our A Hat in Time All Metro Food Combos Guide. Did you find it helpful? Did you find it cute as heck? We hope the answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes! Let us know in the comments though, and be sure to check out the rest of our A Hat in Time coverage!

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