Kynseed Fairweather Gifts | What Are They?

Kynseed is a great game! Do you have questions about the gifts from Fairweather? We have the answers. Keep reading our Kynseed Fairweather Gifts Guide to learn all about what is available.

What are The Gifts from Fairweather in Kynseed?

kynseed fairweather gifts

In the Prologue of the game, the player will receive the Kynseed and be given the option to choose one of three gifts. The first gift is the Clockwork Clock, a useful tool that helps the player keep track of the time, date, and season. Unlike dandelions, which are often used to tell time in the game, the Clockwork Clock will never disappear.

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The second gift is the Gluttons Trough, an automatic feeding system for the player’s pigs. It allows the player to input food and set a specific time for it to be dispensed to the pigs. The third gift is the Wooden Key, which allows the player to access the fairy pathways. These pathways can be difficult to find and are not always shown on the map, but the Wooden Key allows the player to travel through them once they have found an entryway. Other gifts you can receive include:

  • Forget-Me-Yet seeds reset a character’s opinion of you.
  • Mirror Mirror boosts your charm per day.
  • Turdis which allows you to travel between outhouses.
  • Judiths Charming Charmer Charm lets you to buy gossip from NPC’s.
  • Vase of Forgiveness makes it so your spouse will never hate you.
  • Watermans Reminder gives you reminders about events.
  • Home Sweet Home can teleport you home.

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