Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Shield List

Kingdom Hearts 3 best shield

The most loyal of followers, Goofy is the Captain of the Royal Guard for King Mickey. In Kingdom Hearts 3, Goofy’s preferred weapon is the shield. It’s a fitting weapon for him, as it allows him to defend his friends and resolve conflict with as little violence as possible. But how do you know what the best shield to use is? Fear not! Nerds and Scoundrels has a rundown of the best shields in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Shield Guide

Like most weapons and armor in Kingdom Hearts 3, you can upgrade Goofy’s shields through the process of synthesis. Acquiring the shields comes by different means, but many of them can simply be purchased from the Moogle Shop for a set amount of Munny.

When ranking the shields in Kingdom Hearts 3, we considered the weapons Strength and Magic scores. We also weighed the special abilities the shield offers. Below are our five favorite options.

5. Knight’s Shield

Kingdom Hearts 3 best shield

The Knight’s Shield is the default shield that Goofy begins the game with. In its basic form, it’s not particularly powerful. It has a Strength of 4 and a Magic of 0, and comes with a +5% Fire Guard ability. The Knight’s Shield can be upgraded to Knight’s Shield+ in the smithing workshop at Olympus.

4. Star Shield

The Star Shield is number four on our list. It can be purchased at the Moogle Shop for only 600 Munny, making it one of the easier shields to acquire. It has a Strength of 6 and a Magic of 0 and includes a Thunder Guard +5% bonus. The Start Shield can be upgraded to Star Shield+, which has the added abilities of Thunder Syphon and Electric Protection.

3. Aegis Shield

The Aegis Shield comes in at number three. It has a base Strength of 7 and a Magic of 0. The Aegis Shield can be upgraded to Aegis Shield+ as a reward for collecting 42 kinds of Synthetic Materials. The Aegis Shield+ has the abilities of Blizzard Syphon and Freeze Protection.

2. Nobody Guard

The Nobody Guard is number two on our list. It has a Strength of 7, which puts it near the top of all shields. It also has a magic of 0, which is standard for shields. What really makes this shield stand out is the Nobody Buster ability which is unique to the Nobody Guard. You can upgrade the Nobody Guard to Nobody Guard+, which bumps the Strength up to 8.

1. Save The King

Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Shield

At the top of our list is Save The King. With a Strength of 9, Save The King is the most powerful shield in the game. Like all other shields, it has a Magic of 0 but it makes up for it with the ability Damage Syphon. You can upgrade Save The King to Save The King+ which has the same base stats as the normal shield but adds the Stun Protection ability.

Nerds and Scoundrels

Kingdom Hearts 3 best shield

And that concludes our Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Shield List? Did we do Goofy justice? Let us know if you agree or disagree with our picks by leaving us a comment below. And don’t forget to check out the rest Kingdom Hearts 3 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

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