The Ultimate God Eater 3 Outfits Guide

god eater 3 outfits

In a game based on killing massive Aragami and then using their materials to craft and upgrade better weapons, to then go and kill bigger monsters. One of the essential aspects of battles is how stunning you look when swinging round your God Arc. Who cares about dealing damage and landing the final blow, when you do it all while all stylish! Our God Eater 3 Outfits Guide can tell you how it’s done.

There is quite a lot of customizable options within God Eater 3, and these hold no purpose at all apart from making your character look suave as all hell. The outfits don’t alter stats or anything of the sort, so don’t go thinking they’ll give you an advantage. It’s all entirely aesthetic purposes only.

Though that being said, wearing the right outfit might empower you to do better. And you can even mix and match if you want, as costumes come as two separate items, a top, and a bottom, as well as added accessories.

God Eater 3 Outfits

Outfits need to be crafted in order for them to be wearable. And to craft them, you need blueprints. There are two ways of acquiring blueprints; the first is by completing missions and getting rewards for doing do. The second is the Vagrant Merchant Hope, who sells these blueprints.

A lot of the outfits are unlocked through story progression. Some missions upon completion will unlock a costume blueprint as a reward. However, sadly, the missions do not state what these rewards are. So you either have to be extremely lucky or complete them all.

The Vagrant Merchant Hope is a different kettle of fish. This special merchant sells an assortment of odds and ends, but also a decent amount of costume blueprints. She’ll start appearing in the Ash Crawler Chrysanthemum, as you progress through the story. She will disappear at times, but after every three to four missions, you complete she’ll reappear with new items in stock.

However, the game will let you know when Vagrant Merchant Hope is back on the ship, as notification pop up will appear. She is located next to the other merchant, Faith, in the lobby. Also, please take note, her inventory will change as you progress through the story more, so always keep checking up on her when she’s available.


So when you have the blueprint and the required crafting materials, all you need to do is go to any old terminal and select Craft Equipment, which is under the Upgrade/Craft tab.

If you do not have the required materials, then by selecting an outfit, it’ll tell you what materials are needed, and if you have any at all. Most of the mats needed a common, but you can also craft the necessary materials from the same menu, which is handy.

God Eater 3 has received numerous updates, and one of them was being able to unlock NPC clothes. These can be unlocked by beating the main story; once you’ve done that, a notification will appear, letting you know you’ve unlocked it.

To unlock some uniform attire and accessories, these can be acquired by completing a few of the certification missions. However, these are 60 extremely challenging missions. These are divided up into two difficulties, standard and elite. By completing every five standard missions, you’ll unlock either a new costume or accessory. And a few elite specific missions also unlock an attachment.

  • Standard Certification #5 – Vajra Accessory
  • Standard Certification #10 – Marduk Accessory
  • Standard Certification  #15 – Anubis Accessory
  • Standard Certification  #20 – Chrysanthemum and Gleipnir uniform
  • Standard Certification  #25 – Baran and Pennywort uniform
  • Elite Certification 43 – Gold Marduk Plushie

By completing these Solo/Free Class missions, as well as clearing Time Trials, more accessories can be unlocked.

  • Free Class Mission #37 – Silk Hat
  • Free Class Mission #30 – Knit Hat
  • Free Class Mission #43 – Face Mask 3
  • Free Class Mission #46 – Pancake Tower
  • Solo Class Mission #37 – Gold Vajra Plushie
  • Silver Medal on Ex Time Attack #11 to #14 – Angel Wings
  • Silver Medal on Ex Time Attack #15 to #18 – Mini Hat
  • Silver Medal on Ex Time Attack #19 to #22 – Phym Ahoge
  • Silver Medal on Ex Time Attack #23 to #26 – Animal Ears
  • Gold Medal on Ex Time Attack #11 to #14 – Devil Wings
  • Gold Medal on Ex Time Attack #15 to #18 – Party Hat
  • Gold Medal on Ex Time Attack #19 to #22 – Phym’s horn
  • Gold Medal on Ex Time Attack #23 to #26 – Face Mask 5

God Eater 3 Outfits Guide – Wrapping Up

And that concludes our God Eater 3 Outfits Guide. If you need more content, see our God Eater 3 Materials Guide.

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