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ffxiv a sign of whats to come

As you continue your quest into the endgame of Shadowbringers, you may want to pursue some Resistance Weapons. As of Patch 5.45, your quest to absolutely decimate the Resistance Weapon storyline continues. This time, you’re continuing your story with Marsak… And unfortunately, our goals are far from over! If you’re having trouble with any part of FFXIV A Sign of What’s To Come, our guide will help you!

FFXIV A Sign of What’s To Come

In order to unlock A Sign of What’s To Come, you must complete the quest The Lady of Blades. This involves taking down Castrum Lacus Litore, a huge dungeon that might be a bit tricky if you’re not prepared for mechanics. We have a guide to the basics, if you’d like to check it out!

Once you’ve completed The Lady of Blades, this quest will unlock in Gangos (x: 6.5, y: 5.8). You’re looking for Marsak, as might be expected. This quest is a basic talking quest, so just teleport and follow the quest markers. 

Marsak talks to you about the stalemate on the Bozjan front. Then, you head to Mikoto, who talks about her working relationship with Lilja, who wants to help her as much as possible. Then, you talk to Bajsaljen, who warns that Queen Gunnhildr is attacking your forces often. You’re losing some allies on the front because of these constant assaults. The conversations are essentially concerning themselves with how you and your allies can free the victims of Gunnhildr’s mind control, and gain an upper hand over Misija in the upcoming battles… Before she can summon a primal.

After this quest is complete, you’ll continue in Fit for a Queen, the next part of your storyline. This also begins in Gangos, but is given by Bajsaljen instead. This will continue your journey into the endgame of Shadowbringers and the Resistance Weapons questline.

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