Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Shark the Vagrant Walkthrough

Shark the Vagrant is a simple side quest. You might not believe that if you read some of the other guides out there, but the truth is there are three different ways you can beat this question: the hilariously easy way, the easy way, and the hard way. Check out all three methods with the Nerds and Scoundrels Shark the Vagrant walkthrough for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Starting Shark the Vagrant

To initiate this side quest, you will need to speak with the vegetable vendors who just want to leave Kephallonia. Unfortunately for them, they don’t have the cash to leave. The good news? They have a line on a rare necklace that could be the answer to their prayers. The bad news? It’s in a flooded temple and guarded by a shark. That’s where you come in.

For starters, these vegetable vendors don’t give you great information. You are given the impression that (1) there is one shark guarding the necklace and (2) you have to kill it to get the necklace back. Neither are true. You will actually encounter three sharks. More importantly, you can simply swim down and nick the necklace without brawling with the great whites. You can find the sharks here.

Shark the Vagrant

Once you collect the necklace, return it to the veggie vendors and collect your reward of 182 Drachmas and 1300 xp. Here are the three ways you can complete this quest.

The Hilariously Easy Way: Snipe the Sharks with Arrows

The great thing about this flood temple is that the top of the tallest columns stick out of the water. It gives you a great vantage point from which you can simply snipe the sharks with arrows. Identify the three sharks with your bird pal and then wait for them to swim near you. You can usually kill them in one shot. Take a look below at the highlighted area to get an idea of where to stand. You will need to swim out to the pillars but the sharks will mostly ignore you unless you get right on top of them.


Shark the Vagrant

Once the sharks are dead, just swim down and loot at your leisure. Easy mode, right?

The Easy Way: Sneak past the Sharks

Don’t feel like engaging the sharks at all? Well, you are an assassin after all. Feel free to sneak past these beasts and nab the necklace when the time is right. There are plenty of outcroppings around the loot, and the sharks won’t typically notice you unless you are right on top of them. You can hang out in the shadows and pick your moment to grab the loot, and the sharks will never be the wiser. The video below illustrates this approach nicely.

The Hard Way: Flail Wildly at the Sharks with your Spear

There are easier ways to get the necklace than by swimming down to brawl with a bunch of sharks. But I’m not your dad, ok? You want to fight sharks, then, by all means, fight sharks. Your sword is just as sharp underwater, so don’t let anyone stop you from living your dreams. If you’re careful, you can at least wait until the sharks are somewhat separate and take them on one at a time. They are fairly easy to kill if you can keep them from successfully rushing you. That’s hard to do if you are fighting more than one at a time. And as we mentioned before, you don’t have to kill any of the sharks to nab the loot. If you don’t feel like sneaking around and waiting for the right moment, you can always YOLO straight down to the chest and just swing wildly at any sharks that come near you until you can get away. The video below takes that approach.

Nerds and Scoundrels

Hopefully, one of these methods will help you get through the Shark the Vagrant side quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Have a favorite method? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey content as well.

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