Arma 3 Best Launcher | Which Launcher Should You Use?

arma 3 best launcher

When you are in warfare, perhaps nothing is more dangerous to skin and tanks alike than the rocket launcher. These beasts are dangerous to everyone on the battlefield, including the wielder. Arma 3 has 7 rocket launchers to choose from, all of them being extremely useful when used correctly. However, a lot of them have roles as anti-tank weapons, and for good reason. Which launcher should you choose? Our guide to the Arma 3 Best Launcher will, hopefully, help you make a choice!

Arma 3 Best Launcher

When determining the best launcher in Arma 3, we need to consider how useful it is going to be on a standard battlefield.

The 9M135 Vorona is wire-guided, meaning that you will need to maintain vision on your target the entire time. This can lead to your character being vulnerable to attack while they stare at the tank. However, the damage of the missiles are quite high, and you can choose between HEAT and HE warheads. That versatility and damage potential is worth considering.

The MAAWS Mk4 Mod 1 is a medium-weight launcher, dealing much less damage than launchers like the Vorona. However, it makes up for this with improved range, much-improved weight, and extremely accurate distance estimation. This is likely your best option for a “sidearm” rocket launcher… Though it may be your only option for your AAF and FIA factions.

The PMCL is a standard personal missile launcher that is designed to decimate lighter vehicles and clumps of infantry. Unlike the MAAWS, you can lock-on to targets, but you can only lock-on to targets, causing problems in environments where lock-on is hindered. It may also only launch missiles that last 7 seconds… But does quite significant damage should it land. This is a great option.

The RPG-7 is what most people think of when they think of a Rocket Launcher, and is very simple because of that. If you can choose other options, it should be ignored, since it cannot handle moderately or heavily armored vehicles.

The RPG-42 Alamut is a fairly standard unguided missile launcher. Great damage, and can handle medium armored vehicles fairly well. However, it’s specialized munitions cause it to be bad if the RPG-42’s squad is attacked.

The Titan MPRL is a massive behemoth with anti-air or anti-tank capabilities. It uses infra-red tracking to allow the unit to fire-and-forget. This makes it a somewhat poor anti-air missile launcher, since aircraft can avoid it. However, the Compact MPRL deals ridiculous damage to vehicles, and can even use SACLOS to allow the user the ability to guide missiles without needing lock-on. 

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So… What is the best Arma 3 launcher? We argue the Titan MPRL Compact is probably the best dedicated rocket launcher. If your squad is willing to slow down for you (due to the weight of your missiles), you’ll deal with the strongest tanks and even large squads of infantry very well. It takes coordination, but if you can coordinate even slightly well, you’ll be absolutely devastating.

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