Ghost of Tsushima Install Size | Ghost of Tsushima File Size Guide

ghost of tsushima install size

Ghost of Tsushima is not a small game by any means. However, Sucker Punch has made clear that the game will be much smaller than other massive releases like Last of Us 2, for example. Stick with us as we lay out the file size for the game in our Ghost of Tsushima Install Size Guide.

Ghost of Tsushima Install Size Guide

For Ghost of Tsushima, the total download size rounds out at 39.86 GB. Let’s not kid ourselves – this is a pretty big game. But with size, everything is relative. Compared to some larger downloads this isn’t anything overwhelming.

So how long will it take to download? That is up to your connection speed more than anything. The good news is this game won’t eat up a massive chunk of your PS4’s hard drive.

The Ghost of Tsushima install size might be a pain for some, but at least it is a one time effort that you will hopefully not have to repeat again.

Nerds and Scoundrels

The good news about the size of Ghost of Tsushima is that it isn’t as big as some other offerings. The bad news is that for some of us, download time is going to be enormous. If you are anything like me, waiting for that download bar to creep across the screen is painful. Good luck, and go read a book or something while you wait!

Curious about future content for Ghost of Tsushima? Check out or Ghost of Tsushima DLC Guide for more information!

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