How to Craft the Spitfire in Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant from the ashes spitfire

The Spitfire is a powerful boss weapon that can be crafted in the game Remnant: From the Ashes.
Just as its name would suggest, The Spitfire has a flamethrower attached to it so it can rain fire on your
enemies. Oh, and in case you wanted some variety, you can turn off the flamethrower so you can use it
as a regular gun, AND you can attach a weapon mod to it. How awesome is that?!

Remnant from the Ashes Spitfire Guide

I bet you are now asking, “how can I acquire one of these devastating weapons?”

First, you will need to acquire several items; exactly one Blazing Heart and seven Lumenite
Crystals. The crystals will be the easy part, as you can find them all over the game – enemies will drop
them, a treasure chest will hold them, Ace in Ward 13 might have some in stock, and you might even
trip on one while traveling to a location.

The Blazing Heart, on the other hand, will literally need to be ripped out of a dragon. That dragon’s
name is Singe; a dungeon boss located in the Earth realm. You will have to dodge several physical and
fire attacks as you take shots at Singe’s chest. Be careful with your aim, as you do not want to destroy
his tail! Destroying his tail means that you will get the Dragon Links item instead of the Blazing Heart.

Once you have collected the Blazing Heart and the seven Lumenite crystals, you can take them to
McCabe in Ward 13 so she can craft them into the Spitfire for 650 scrap. Now you are ready to douse
your enemies in a ball of flame! If you run into an issue with acquiring your own Spitfire, please feel
free to leave a comment for help.

Nerds and Scoundrels

Welp, that’s it. Don’t forget to let us know if we missed anything in our Remnant from the Ashes Spitfire guide.

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