Ghost of Tsushima DLC Plans (Updated September 2020)

ghost of tsushima dlc

Ghost of Tsushima has taken gamers across the world by storm. The success is no accident, as Sucker Punch studio has made clear their intention from the beginning was to build the perfect game without the need for additional DLC. Does that mean DLC is never happening? Never say never. Let’s dive into our Ghost of Tsushima DLC Guide to learn more.

Ghost of Tsushima DLC Guide

As of the time of writing, Sucker Punch has no plans for additional DLC packs for Ghost of Tsushima. Creative Director Jason Connell made that decision clear in an interview with AndroidCentral.

In the interview, Connell stated the goal was to make the initial release “as perfect in every way possible,” meaning there would be no need for DLC down the line.

However, there are some other digital options available if you’re feeling spendy. There are unique game editions, including Digital Deluxe, Special, and Collector’s Editions. These come with special skins, weapons, armors, mounts, and more. You can also get some cool ingame swag like the Charm of Hachiman’s Favor.

Additionally, any special edition game nets you a digital mini art book. While this isn’t exactly DLC, it might fill the void if the game alone isn’t enough. Unfortunately, if you are hoping for future content that expands the story you are likely to be disappointed.

Nerds and Scoundrels

That’s it for our Ghost of Tsushima DLC Guide. For now, the answer to “will Ghost of Tsushima have DLC” appears to be no. Like with most things in the gaming world, we’d stick with “never say never.”

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