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ck3 raise only men at arms

Crusader Kings 3 is a game that lets you shape your dynasty and your rule how you see fit. Your dynasty should be remembered for years to come. Your children’s children should still have the power to rule over your future empire. If your enemies are formidable, how you can increase your army quality, how can you avoid using levies and instead raise only Men-At-Arms? Find out with our CK3 Raise Only Men At Arms Guide.

CK3 Raise Only Men At Arms Guide

You could be getting closer to forming your empire in your Crusader Kings 3 campaign, and you should have noticed that you have a lot of levies, even more than you need for any upcoming wars. Raising them all takes time; keeping them raised costs money. They tend to cause unnecessary attrition, and they’re not even that good in battles because the overall army quality is pretty weak. Knights and men-at-arms just seem more cost-effective and are outstanding in battles. Sadly, no button in the interface can be pressed or used for only raising them Men-At-Arms. However, they are other ways to get around it.

Well, actually, there is a way quite a few ways to do this. The first thing you need to pause the game and select your chosen Rally Point and press “Raise All” this will immediately raise all of the mercenaries, knights, and Men-at-Arms. Next, Ctrl+Right Click on an adjacent barony; this will cause all your Men-At-Arms to move out instantly. Select your Men-At-Arms and select Split off New Army and move all of them to the other Army. This also makes happen the most essential thing, stopping your Levies from assembling. Alternatively, you can just hold control and order them to move.

The second way seems to be the most easiest and simple way to achieve what you want. You can just Ctrl + Right Click any province and cancel it immediately.

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That rounds up our CK3 Raise Only Men At Arms Guide. For more Ck3 content, check out our guide to Army Quality in Crusader Kings 3.

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