Ghost of Tsushima Language Options

ghost of tsushima language options

Ghost of Tsushima is all about options. You have options in combat, options with strategy, and an entire open world to explore. These options extend to your language settings. Curious about the languages you can choose from? We’ve got all the answers in our Ghost of Tsushima Langauge Options Guide.

Ghost of Tsushima Language Options Guide

Ghost of Tsushima comes with two primary language options: English and Japanese. However, each option works for English-speaking players if you don’t mind subtitles and prefer the immersion of Japanese audio.

English Audio

The default option for American players is using English audio. This option uses English voice actors that was recorded by Sucker Punch.

Japanese Audio

There is also a Japanese audio option recorded by Japanese voice actors. This recording was handled by the SIE Japan Studio.

How to Change Languages

To change languages before the game starts, selection Options and navigate to Audio. In the Audio menu, you have the option of selecting between English or Japanese audio. You also have an array of subtitle options depending on the region you purchased your game in.

You can also change languages mid-game, but be advised you must restart your game from a save point. The following steps will guide you on changing languages mid-game.

1Pause the game
2Head to the “OPTIONS” tab
3Select “AUDIO”
4In the “AUDIO” menu, you can change both subtitles and audio languages
5Apply your selected settings

Nerds and Scoundrels

That wraps up our Ghost of Tsushima Language Options Guide. Stick around for a ton of Ghost of Tsushima coverage here at Nerds and Scoundrels!

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