Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Art of Making Friends Guide

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Art of Making Friends

So, feeling like taking up the mantle of an anti-hero, eh? Well, in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous, that is certainly something you can do! The Art of Making Friends sets you up to talk to Nocticula, a demon queen who will get you into the good graces of the Lady in Shadow. This is a critical quest, and one that will take a long time. We’ll explain all of the steps to take in our Wrath of the Righteous The Art of Making Friends Quest guide!

Complete The Art of Making Friends in Wrath of the Righteous

The Art of Making Friends is a massive quest that requires you to complete the Rapture of Rapture in the Upper City. To collect this quest, go to the Bad Luck Tavern and talk to the owner. Talk to Shamira and then travel to the Lower City.

The quest splits paths. Either pay 100,000 gold to the owner of the tavern, or head north to talk to the Beggar leader with good Diplomacy, Bluff, or Trickery. Either way, you’ll talk to Ziforian and get his key to enter the mage tower in the Upper City, which is near Willodus’ Mansion. This area is exceptionally dangerous, but you learn why if you’ve brought the Storyteller some Elven notes. It’s his tower, after all; it seems that the Storyteller doesn’t want you in there!

Search the tower. You can bring the Storyteller to the top level of the tower using a strange door, which is where you can talk with him.

Now, you need a Nahyndryian crystal. Head to the Nexus cave and wait for the compass to buzz. There’s an invisible wall behind the bones of the giants; head to the bottom right corner of the cave to get the crystal… And an ambush! Be ready for combat.

Head to the Storyteller, and apply some Will Save and Knowledge buffs if you want to know the story behind the crystals.


Keep the Will save buffs on for when you head to Shamira. Shamira will want to hear the secrets behind the crystal; you can either “Think to Yourself: for a powerful, +5 Cruel Bleed Handaxe. This handaxe also helps your casters! It decreases the target’s saves by 2 if they are movement impaired. If you keep the secrets with 3 Will Saves, you get an amulet. The Aspect of the Wasp increases the DC of poison spells by +2, and makes ray spells deal 1d6 + 1 per 2 caster level points of acid damage. The Handaxe is pretty strong… But not necessarily vital. If you have a caster that likes rays and poison, then the Aspect of the Wasp is a relatively good bet.

We hope this helped you understand what to do for the “Art of Making Friends” quest! Check out some of our other guides if you’d like to see more of Wrath of the Righteous’s conten

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