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rainmaker hair ffxiv

Final Fantasy XIV has some of the most gorgeous cosmetics in any MMO to date. You have a ton of options to make your character as fabulous as possible. You must know about the Manderville Gold Saucer if your goal is to look amazing, and the Rainmaker hairstyle is one of the most awesome looking hair styles in the game. If you’re looking for this really cool, flower-like haircut, then our FFXIV Rainmaker Hair Guide will get you to your dream appearance.

Rainmaker Hair FFXIV

You have to perform some actions at the Manderville Gold Saucer to get the Rainmaker hair, and then talk to the Modern Aesthetics Saleswoman. To obtain the 5,000 MGP needed to work it out, you’re going to need to perform activities in The Gold Saucer and Battlehall. You can get the MGP by performing in the lottery, working in many, many different minigames, or selling some trading cards. 5,000 MGP is not too much (not compared to some of the prizes there), so it won’t take you too long to get the hair of your dreams.

So what are some very quick ways to get this MGP. Each 5 star card you sell is worth 600, and 4 star cards are worth 200. These might be quick, depending on your current trading card collection.

The minigames that you can play range widely. The Fashion Report is a weekly event that gives you 10,000 MGP (even more if you match the fashion theme!). Doman Mahjong is a fun game based on Mahjong, Triple Triad lets you use those cards, and Chocobo racing can give you a ton of MGP, if your Chocobo is good enough. “GATEs” are events that can give you a ton of MGP, and the Cactpot, similarly, is a timed event that can get you a ton of rewards.

The actual Mini-Games can get you some MGP, but is mostly there for fun; Chocobo Racing or Triple Triad is better for farming.

And… That’s it! Check out the Manderville Gold Saucer if you want some of the most fun games that FFXIV has to offer… Well, other than the game.

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