Valheim Amber | What is it, How Do You Use It?

valheim amber

Valheim is a game with perhaps too many resources. There is so much to craft and see in the Norse world that you’ve found yourself within. From the multiple types of wood, to the random trophies that are scattered across the land, you’ll find some weird stuff! Perhaps one of the more strange items is Amber. Whether you’re trying to look for it, or just wanting to know what it does, our Valheim Amber guide will help you out!

Valheim Amber

Amber is a material item in Valheim, weighing 0.7 and stacking up to 20 times. It appears to be a somewhat strange, almost chip-like item.

What is It?

Amber is a dungeon reward. You can gather them within Burial Chambers within the Meadows and Black Forest. They are areas separate from the overworld, only connected by the doorways that lead to them.

Amber can be found primarily within chests, as a valid loot source within the dungeons. Both Amber and Amber Pearls are relatively light, and fairly important to collect. 

How Is It Used?

The primary purpose of both Amber and Amber Pearls are selling. These are solidified assets to sell in the future, rather than carrying around coins. In order to maximize the value of the Amber, you’ll need to find the Merchant.

The Merchant is in the Black Forest first and foremost. Explore the Black Forest, until you can see a little bag icon on your map. This is a sign that the Merchant is nearby. The radius to see the back is quite good, but there’s no guarantee that he’s on your starter island. There’s a chance that you may want to make multiple worlds until the merchant spawns correctly.

The merchant, whose name is Haldor, has multiple resources on him. Amber and Amber Pearls sell for 5 and 10 gold coins, respectively. You want to have 950 for the Megingjord for 50% carry weight and 620 for the Dverger Circlet for light without torches. There are other great items, like the Fishing Rod, that you might like too! So, you should try and collect as much gold and sellables (like Amber) as possible!

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