FFXIV Unto the Breach | In-Depth Quest Guide for FFXIV

FFXIV Unto the Breach

FFXIV patch 5.5 has just dropped, and that means that the team at Square Enix just put out some new content! The story is continuing after our heroes created the Porgies required to reverse tempering. So, it’s time to start bringing the Scions back together and getting through some of this endgame! Our FFXIV Unto the Breach quest guide will help you get through the endgame of Shadowbringers and stay up to date!

Unto the Breach FFXIV Guide

Unto the Breach is a quest unlocked when you complete “Futures Rewritten”. Check the upper left hand corner of your screen; if it says “Unto the Breach”, then you’re up to date and ready to start taking on new quest material. These are level 80 quests that offer no experience and a good amount of money, so make sure you’re in your favorite Level 80 costume.

The quest is a fairly basic conversation quest. All you have to do is walk to the targets listed in the quest and talk with people.

Incoming spoilers!

If you want to skip cutscenes, then Thancred is back, with some harrowing news. It turns out that Garlemald seems to be using tempering in order to mind-control people into becoming their slaves. Lyse confirms that the Resistance has been heavily affected by this experiment. Despite Alphinaud’s fears, Arenvald and Fordola, who are immune to tempering, are sent to investigate the place where the Resistance scouts were taken – the tower in Paglth’an. Before you are able to join the two, Tataru says that Estinien is nearby. His help would be pretty nice, considering you need to take down a dragon, so it’s time to find the ex-Azure Dragoon.

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This quest is required to enter the “Here Be Dragons” quest. It is also required if you want to get to the new dungeon, Paglth’an, which is the newest endgame story dungeon that Shadowbringers has to offer.

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