Can Kelvin Die in Sons of the Forest?

Life is fleeting in Sons of the Forest, especially for your relatively fragile new friend Kelvin. But can the character be killed for good in the game? We take a look at if he can die and how you bring him back in our Sons of the Forest Can Kelvin Die Guide.

Kelvin can Die in Sons of the Forest

sons of the forest can kelvin die

Kelvin can die in Sons of the Forest. In fact, it doesn’t take much at all to knock one of your few allies out for good. Once he takes enough damage in the game, Kelvin curls up into a ball on the ground. At this point, you still have a chance to revive him by pressing E as the game suggests. If you do not heal him or if he takes additional damage, Kelvin dies for good.

Bringing Kelvin Back

There is no way within the mechanics of the game to bring Kelvin back from the dead. Unfortunately, when he dies he’s gone for good. Without breaking the game open and tinkering with it, the only chance to return Kelvin to life is starting over or loading a previous save.

However, according to PCGamesn, there is a way to tweak the save file to bring him back. We haven’t tried this ourselves, but others report it works. Either way, proceed with caution. You can restore Kelvin to life by doing the following to your saved game:

  • Locate your Sons of the Forest save files in ‘C:\Users\{Your Username}\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves’.
  • Open ‘GameStateSaveData’ in Notepad, search for ‘”IsRobbyDead\”:true’ and change it to ‘”IsRobbyDead\”:false’, then save and exit the file.
  • Open ‘SaveData’ in Notepad and search for ‘”TypeId\”:9’.
  • Find  ‘\”State\”:6’, which is several lines after it, and change it to ‘\”State\”:2’.
  • Find ‘”Health\”:0.0’ several lines after that, and change it to ‘”Health\”:100.0’
  • Save and exit  ‘SaveData’, then restart Sons of the Forest.

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