High on Life Bike Guy | Should I Watch This Guy’s Bike?

There are a ton of interesting NPCs in High on Life. Some of them are integral to the story, while others are just minor, amusing blips on the radar. The guy that asks you to watch their bike is certainly the latter. Have questions about this fella? Keep reading our High on Life Bike Guy Guide to learn more.

What Happens When I Watch the Bike in High on Life?

High on LIfe Bike Guy

At one point when you are wandering Blim, you will encounter an alien that asks you to watch his bike. The alien’s appearance is different every time. Sometimes he is green with two eyes, in other cases he might be orange and have three. Regardless of his appearance, he always looks the same. The dialog is always the same too.

No matter which gun you have, your weapon will agree to watch the bike for a moment. The owner disappears, and as soon as you look away from it the bike does too.

Is the Bike Always Stolen?

There is nothing you can do to prevent the alien’s bike from disappearing. The bike will remain in place for as long as you watch it. The moment you change your field of view to look away from the bike, it will disappear. You can stare at it for as long as you want! The owner of the bike will not return until you look away and the bike disappears.

Of course, as soon as the bike disappears your friend returns – and he is not happy. There is nothing you can say or do to calm him down, and the bike is gone forever. This little interaction doesn’t impact the main story of the game at all. It is a good example of the quirky fun possible in High on Life, though.

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