Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Midnight Fane | Hidden Location Guide

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Midnight Fane

Drezen holds so many secrets in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous. Getting through all of them would take a milenia! However, the Midnight Fane is too important to ignore. It’s part of a few quests and has some great items within it! This is a secret area that you’re going to want to know about no matter what alignment you’re running with. So, our Wrath of the Righteous Midnight Fane guide will bring you to your destination!

Where to Find the Midnight Fane in Wrath of the Righteous

In order to enter the Midnight Fane, you’ll need to clear the Ivory Sanctum and travel to Areelu’s Lab. If you’ve done these steps, complete any time-sensitive quests. Queen Galfrey will meet you, and you will need to be ready for a fight as you enter the Fane. Head back to Drezen and find the Midnight Fane under Drezen; the queen should make it obvious.

You’ll need 3 keys to enter the center of the Midnight Fane. These are on Cultist Priests; Deskari and Baphomet priests are next to statues, but the Nocticula priest is in the abyss. The first two are guaranteed fights, but Nocticula can be dodged with a good Will Save. If you have good Perception and Knowledge: Arcane, you’ll find a hidden portal to a Desna altar next to a Deskari statue.

If you head to Minago’s Torture chambers, make sure you have the Longsword Radiance. If you are good, the real Yaniel will bless the longsword. If you’re a Lich and Staunton Vhane is in your party, you will kill her and make her an evil minion.

If you hear your allies’ horn, book it to the start of the dungeon. You want to keep Queen Galfrey on your side, after all!

Clear the dungeon to gain your 5th mythic level and access to Abyss. When you come back, you can remove the seal near a Deskari statue to get a shortcut to Drezen.

Finally, be careful of the Abyss portion of the map! Playful Darkness is an immensely powerful enemy. You will need to be fully buffed, protected against level draining and strength draining attacks, and has immense magical and physical resistance. Make sure you have positive energy damage… Or, you get a good Coup De Grace during the fight! Save before the fight, and try a few strategies!

We hope this helped you with the Midnight Fane! Read some of our other guides to learn more about this incredibly complex CRPG!

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