High on Life Gary the Poisoner | How to Find Him

Still looking for Gary the Poisoner in High on Life? You will encounter Gary The Poisoner, an NPC, in Blim City after progressing a decent portion of the game. He is a unique NPC who talks about poisoning all the water in Blim City, and there is a lot more to him than you might guess at first glance.

How to Find Gary the Poisoner in High on Life

High on Life Gary the Poisoner

You can typically find Gary the Poisoner in Blim City – right behind your house! in fact, you are most likely to encounter him looking into your windows while you watch TV. That means Gary is easy to find in most cases. However, he is not available at the start of the game.

For Gary to appear, you will need to play through a number of bounties. In our experience, we discovered Gary lurking outside the house after completing the fourth bounty in the game. This could vary from one playthrough to another. Our suggestion is to check behind the house periodically after completing the fourth bounty.

How to Complete Gary the Poisoner’s Side Quest

If you approach Gary, he wants help with poisoning the city’s water supply. Don’t worry, you won’t end up poisoning the sewers below the city. In fact, there are no sewers to speak of. Here’s how to beat this side quest.

During the conversation with Gary the Poisoner, players may notice something unusual about his behavior. Gary repeatedly mentions that he has added an additional eight hours of story content and laughs frequently while talking to the player. If you return to him later, Gary confesses that there is no side quest for them to complete. While this could be seen as a playful Easter egg, it may also be frustrating for players who are actively searching for these items.

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