Ace Combat 7 Walkthrough (All Missions)

Ace Combat 7 Walkthrough

Ace Combat 7 has an immersive story mode. Spread out over 20 unique missions (23 if you are playing on VR), the story weaves an interesting tail of shifting loyalties and exploding airplanes. In other words, it’s pretty much what we’re looking for here at Nerds and Scoundrels. We’ve detailed each mission individually; see below for all the links.

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Ace Combat 7 All Missions Walkthrough

We have (almost) completed detailed walkthroughs for all 20 missions in Ace Combat 7. Click the link and get the goods!

Mission 1: Charge Assault – Get your first taste of combat when you are thrust into a surprise┬ádrone attack.

Mission 2: Charge the Enemy – It’s war.

Mission 3: Two-Pronged Strategy – Jump into a fight in progress, but watch out for a new foe.

Mission 4 – Can you take back the space elevator?

Mission 5 – Welp. Things have not gone according to plan.

Mission 6: Long Day – You’re back to blowing stuff up, but things are different.

Mission 7: First Contact – The bosses need a mess cleaned up. Guess who gets to do it?

Mission 8: Pipeline Destruction – Would you be shocked to know this involves destroying a pipeline?

Mission 9: Faceless Soldier – Hamper the enemies’ drone fleet.

Mission 10: Transfer Orders – Time to babysit Commander McKinsey.

Mission 11: Fleet Destruction – Let’s go sink some boats.

Mission 12: Stonehenge Defensive – Can you finally take down the Arsenal Bird?

Mission 13: Bunker Buster – Erusia has ballistic missiles, and that’s a problem.

Mission 14: Cape Rainy Assault – Navigate a canyon, dodge spotlights, and kill bad guys.

Mission 15: Battle for Farbanti – Time to take down the enemy capital.

Mission 16: Lost Hope – Babysit an Erusian spy.

Mission 17: Homeward – Let’s try to retake Tyler Island, shall we?

Mission 18: Lost Castle – That castle has the supplies you need. Time to go get them.

Mission 19: Lighthouse – Is it Thanksgiving? Because you’ve got another bird to roast.

Mission 20: Dark Blue – Time to end this.

Nerds and Scoundrels

Ace Combat 7 Walkthrough

That’s our list of all Ace Combat 7 Missions. Let us know if we’ve missed anything! And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Ace Combat 7 coverage here at Nerds and Scoundrels.


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