Ace Combat 7 Mission 3 Two Pronged Strategy Walkthrough

Ace Combat 7 Mission 3 Two Pronged Strategy


Once you finish up Mission 2 in Ace Combat 7, you will be thrust right into the thick of it in Mission 3. Need a hand on navigating the mission called Two-prong Strategy? Nerds and Scoundrels can help with that! Read on below for our full Ace Combat 7 Mission 3 walkthrough.

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Ace Combat 7 Mission 3 Two Pronged Strategy

You jump right into the action as soon as the mission starts. According to your commander, Golem Squadron and the others are already engaged. Your goal? Wipe out the hostile force and maintain air superiority. Your boss on the AWACS Sky Keeper tells you that we already have the upper hand in the fight, so everything should go smoothly. right?

When you arrive at the fight, things look fairly even. That doesn’t last for long. Enemy reinforcements are on their way and you are quickly outnumbered. You will be targeted immediately so be ready to start dodging missiles.

Ace Combat 7 Mission 3
Stay alert, even while hunting.

Despite being outnumbered, you can make quick work of these hostiles. Don’t forget to use chaff if you are in a spot where you can’t avoid missiles. Also, be aware there is quite a bit of cloud cover. If you aren’t sure how that can affect you, check out our Ace Combat 7 Clouds Guide.

Oddly, the hostiles fight to their last man instead of breaking off. You quickly learn why.

A Large Aircraft Approaches

As your team enjoys their victory, a missile comes out of nowhere. You’ll quickly realize it came form monstrous Arsenal Bird.

Ace Combat 7 Mission 3

The Arsenal Bird is a large mothership of sorts. It launches a fleet of drones that are a step above those you have fought so far. The drones are too much for your crew, so you’ll need to try and down the Arsenal Bird.

To kill the Arsenal Bird, you’ll need to target the large rotors that power the beast. Approach it from the back and take out each rotor one by one. The rotors are highlighted by target boxes, as if they were individual hostiles.

Ace Combat 7 Mission 3

Unfortunately, expect to be overwhelmed before you can finish the Arsenal Bird off. You are given the order to extract, and many of your friends won’t make it out. Fight your way to freedom to complete the mission.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Ace Combat 7 Mission 3 Two Pronged Strategy Walkthrough. Did you find our walkthrough helpful? We want to hear from you either way. Drop us a line in the comment section and let us know what you think. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Ace Combat 7 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels. Want to see Mission 3 in action? Watch the video walkthrough below.

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