Ace Combat 7 Mission 19 Lighthouse Walkthrough

Ace Combat 7 Mission 19


Things are coming to a head. Mihaly is dead, and now it’s time to focus on the Space Elevator and Arsenal Bird. Also, good news! The network is partially restored, which means you can get some limited instructions from home again.

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Ace Combat 7 Mission 19 Walkthrough

Now that you are getting orders again, you’ve learned that the splinter group from Erusia has holed up at the Space Elevator. They are also using the last remaining Arsenal Bird to defend the airspace. In a surprising twist, it turns out that Erusian loyalists have now joined forces with your side in order to take out the separatists and end the war.

Mission 19 opens in the midst of a raging air battle over the Space Elevator. It’s your job to get air superiority. Your side has the advantage, but there are a ton of hostiles. Your enemies are relying heavily on drones, but interestingly they are flying in squadrons lead by a single human leader.

You can use your favorite fighter on this one, but keep in mind you’ll be facing a LOT of targets. We suggest adding parts that ups your ammo capacity, especially on higher difficulty levels. A few other tips on the initial scuffle:

  • Use your gun as much as possible, especially if you are playing on a difficultly level below hard (due to the unlimited gun ammo).
  • Target the human lead craft in each formation. The drones in their wing will be much easier to hit if you take down the human leader. They typically fly Su-57s, F-22, and SU47s.

Once the timer runs down and you clear the hostiles, it will be time to take down the final Arsenal Bird.

Arsenal Bird Tips

Ace Combat 7 Mission 19

While taking down the Arsenal Bird is the goal, your life will be easier if you frag his fleet of MQ-101 minions swarming around him. While drones are usually impossible to gun, these drones seem to fall in behind the much slower Arsenal Bird and match its speed. When they do this, fall in behind them. You should have a straight line shot on the drones with your gun.

From there, it is like the previous Arsenal Bird fights where you focus on the propellers to down the beast. This is where conserving your ammo comes in handy, because if you’re low on missiles this will not be fun.

The best weapon for taking down an Arsenal Bird is the HPAA. The load time is annoying, but you can one-hit the smaller propellers and two-hit the main propellers. If you carry and HPAA, be sure to not waste ammo on drones or fighters. You’ll want to use these for the Arsenal Bird itself.

Ace Combat 7 Mission 19


Ace Combat 7 Mission 19If you complete Mission 19 in campaign mode you will pick up the Giant Slayer achievement, pictured to the right.


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Spawn the Ace: Calamity and Tempest

MIssion 19 has two different aces that can be spawned. The first is Calamity. To spawn him, you will need to earn 17,000 points in the mission BEFORE the Arsenal Bird shows up. Calamity spawns at the far southeast of the space elevator will hold position on the south edge of the map. You won’t see him on radar unless you approach him.

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The second ace is Tempest. He will only spawn if you earn 20,000 points before the Arsenal Bird appears. He will show up to the southwest of the Space Elevator, and he will chase you if you come within 30,000 feet of him.

Nerds and Scoundrels

Ace Combat 7 Mission 19

And that concludes our Ace Combat 7 Mission 19 Walkthrough. Did you find this walkthrough helpful? We hope so! No matter what, we want to hear from you in the comment section below. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our Ace Combat 7 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels. If you’d like to see this mission in video form, check out the visual walkthrough below.

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