Ace Combat 7 Mission 5 Walkthrough

Ace Combat 7 Mission 5


Things have taken a turn in the life of Trigger since the start of Mission 4. Now, you’re the convicted murderer of President Harling. You’ve been sentenced to an unusual form of punishment. You are stationed at a fake airbase, flying a plane with no weapons in an attempt to convince hostiles the airbase is real. But on this mission, you’ll do more than play pretend. Keep reading our Ace Combat 7 Mission 5 Walkthrough here at Nerds and Scoundrels to get the scoop.

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Ace Combat 7 Mission 5

The mission begins with a briefing from your new boss, the command in charge of your penal colony. The decoy air base you live at is being targeted again, and your commander is sending you and a few others up in the sky to put on a show as if this was a real base. You realize quickly that this is no ordinary day up in the skies, however.

The hostiles have brought bombers this time. After targeting the control tower, your handlers unlock your weapons and you are free to open fire on the bad guys! Finish off the bombers, including one that is hanging out at high altitude. Another wave of hostiles will be incoming soon. This fight is straight forward and not particularly difficult. Clear the bombers first, then mop up their escorts.

Landing at Base

After the last hostile goes down, the commander orders you to land. During the mission, there has been a lot of banter about pilots betting on if you’d survive. The commander asking cryptically if dying on your landing attempt would count towards the bet. Luckily, the commander guides you in safely which completes the mission.

Nerds and Scoundrels

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  1. I shoot down all the bombers but never can get all hostiles before mission fails.What else do i need to do?

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