Ace Combat 7 Mission 15 Battle for Farbanti Walkthrough

Ace Combat 7 Mission 15


The war is progressing, and it’s time to push into the capital of Erusea: Farbanti. If you can capture the general headquarters, maybe you can win this war. What could go wrong? Keep reading our Ace Combat 7 Mission 15 Walkthrough here at Nerds and Scoundrels to find out!

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Ace Combat 7 Mission 15 Walkthrough

Mission 15 is a timed mission with a minimum score. You have 15 minutes to reach your minimum score. If you fail to do so in the required time, the mission fails. Once you hit the minimum score, just keep blasting things until the clock runs out.

When the mission starts, you are thrust straight into what looks like a straight-forward destroy mission. In moments, hostile fighters are on top of you.

You can use your favorite fighter for this mission. While you are shooting down baddies, pay careful attention to your allies on the radio. When they ask for ground support, be sure to find them and provide it. Without clearing the way, your ground troops won’t advance.

Splitting Off

Ace Combat 7 Mission 15 Help

After the initial tussle, your ground forces will tell you that they are pushing into two combat zones. You’ll split off and provide cover fire for one of them. Just follow your marker on screen to get into the action.

You can play this one how you like, just listen to your allies and shoot everything you can. As the clock runs down, AWACS will update you that the battle is all but won, and offers to buy the first round. It can’t be this easy, can it?

Mister X is Here

Ace Combat 7 Mission 15

Spoiler: No, it won’t be that easy. Five bogies show up on the radar, and they are lead by that scoundrel, Mister X. Now, you’ve got new orders: kill Mister X. You’ve got 15 minutes to do it.

Mister X is the main event, but his wingmen are tough tests as well. They are all capable of getting out of the way of missile fire, and Mister X can survive some direct hits.

Mister X is the toughest fight you’ll have to date. Unfortunately, just as you get him on the ropes, you and your allies will suddenly lose your instruments and radar contact. The enemy has managed to fire some kind of EMP that has cut off your radar and your ability to contact anyone outside of your line site. Mister X lives to fight another day.

Optional: Spawning an Ace

There is an ace that you can spawn in Mission 15. If you destroy the aegis defense on the land center of the map, reinforcements will spawn. Included in that spawn, which comes from the south, is an ace in an F-2. You can find the aegis defense on the western side of the bay.

Nerds and Scoundrels

Ace Combat 7 Mission 15

And that completes our Ace Combat 7 Mission 15 Walkthrough. Did this guide help you through the Battle for Farbanti? We hope so! Let us know what you think in the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out all of our Ace Combat 7 content her at Nerds and Scoundrels. You can also check out a visual walkthrough of this mission below.


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