Hogwarts Legacy Wand Selection Guide

If you have been dreaming of a Harry Potter RPG for years, you no doubt have had wands on your mind. Magic wands choose their wielder – or so we were told in the movies. In Hogwarts Legacy, you get to choose your wand and customize it. You have several options available at Ollivanders. We get into all of them in our Hogwarts Legacy wand selection guide.

How Does Wand Selection Work in Hogwarts Legacy?

hogwarts legacy wand selection

In the early game, you begin with a random loaner wand given to you by Professor Fig prior to the first cut scene. He makes clear at this point you’ll want your own wand sooner rather than later. But how do you select a wand? By heading to Ollivander’s, of course! Selecting your wand is a part of the Welcome to Hogsmeade mission early on in the game. This mission can’t be skipped, so you are sure to find yourself in Ollivander’s shop sooner rather than later.

Wands are Customizable

You can customize your wand in Hogwarts Legacy. At least, you have the ability to customize its appearance. This is fun, even though you can’t adjust the stats of the wand. The factors that you can customize include:

  • Wood. Every wand is made from wood, and you have dozens of types to choose from. The wood you choose will also determine your available color options, its length, and how bendy it is. These are purely aesthetic choices with no in-game impact. Some options include Fir, holly, and hornbeam.
  • Style. The style of your wand is important, as it is the only factor that will directly change what your wand looks like. There are nine styles in total, including Classic, Notched, Ringed, and Crooked Spiral.
  • Core. Harry Potter fans know the importance of a wand’s core. While you will get a chance to determine the core of your wand, it will not impact its appearance or gameplay in any way.

Changing Your Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to change your wand mid-game. Once you have made your selection at Ollivanders, you cannot change the details of the wand again in the future.

That wraps up our guide to wand selection in Hogwarts Legacy. You have a lot of options, but most of them are purely flavor. Many of the design decisions you make will not even be visible to you as you play. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun crafting the wand you’ve always dreamed of, however. Let us know what you came up with in the comment section below!


  1. According to HP fan club Quizes, mine personal Wand is : Elder wood / 12,5 inch / Hard flexibility / Phoenix Core. As the Decriptions says, pretty rare one. Im Happy with it anyway.

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