Starfield: Can You Steal Marco’s Ship?

For a lot of people, stealing ships has become the highlight of Starfield. Hijacking is an option for nearly every ship in the game – with a few exceptions. In some cases, you’ll find yourself in an environment that looks like a ship but can’t actually be stolen. Marco’s ship is one of those. Learn more with our Starfield Can You Steal Marco’s Ship Guide.

You Can’t Steal Marco’s Ship in Starfield

Starfield can you steal marco's ship

When you encounter Marco Graziani, you’ll have the chance to either accept a bribe from them or get drawn into a firefight. Which option is best? That’s really up to you. Unfortunately, either way you won’t be able to steal his ship.

Unlike with most ships, you won’t find any way to access the cockpit of Marco’s ship. Despite being able to explore the interior of the ship, the lack of cockpit access means you’ll never be able to take control of it or pilot the ship away. Bummer.

Normally, stealing a ship is as simple as picking a lock and piloting it away. With most ships you steal, you can also register them and sell them for a small profit. You’ll have to live without adding Marco’s ship to your fleet, unfortunately.

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