Stardew Valley Hot Java Ring | What is it, What Does it Do?

stardew valley hot java ring

Have you ever heard of a name of a ring that’s so weird and interesting? I thought it was a spelling mistake when this showed up in the Stardew Valley 1.5 patch notes! But no, the Hot Java Ring is a Ring item in Stardew Valley, and thus can become an essential part of your farming experience. Our Stardew valley Hot Java Ring guide will tell you why you should even consider such a strange item!

Stardew Valley Hot Java Ring Guide

The Hot Java Ring, like most rings, doesn’t have a ton of detail. It’s almost bone-colored, with a square on top cracked through the middle.

How to Get It

The Hot Java Ring is a drop in Volcano Dungeon chests, and that’s it. No purchasing the item from anywhere as of right now! If you want this item, you’ll need to farm the chests of the Volcano Dungeon until you can find it.

Unfortunately, this item can only be found in Rare chests, but it has a 1/9 chance of spawning within those chests. It’s far from the rarest item in the game; in fact, it has the same drop chance as the Ostrich egg.


The Hot Java Ring increases your chance of getting coffee drinks when killing a monster. Yeah, you just slap a slime’s morning espresso out of their slimy hands! That’s kinda messed up.

You have a 25% chance to get Coffee on a kill, and a 10% chance to get a Triple Shot Espresso if the Coffee doesn’t drop. In other words, you have a 7.5% chance to get a Triple Shot Espresso on kill. That’s about a 32.5% chance of getting an additional item from a monster, which is great!

Coffee provides the player with a minor speed buff (+1) for a minute and a half. A Triple Shot Espresso provides the same numerical buff, but for 4 minutes and 12 seconds! That’s a lot of speed, and when you’re constantly in a dungeon, you can consistently have that speed bonus.

Alternatively, you can sell the coffee and Triple Shot Espresso for a lot of money! Coffee sells for 150g, and the Triple Shot Espresso sells for 450g. Unless the game blocks that somehow, you can really get your Barista experience going with this ring!

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