Construct VI-S Core FFXIV | How to Obtain

construct vi s core ffxiv

There are some absolutely insane mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. A lot of them are just fun to look at cosmetically, and a select few are designed to be a symbol of your incredible machismo. The Construct VI-S Core summons the Construct VI-S mount, which is a massive bipedal mech that your character sits in. Not only is this so much bigger than most mounts, it’s one of the few where it looks like you’re actively driving it! That being said… This is not a simple mount to pick up and use! Our Construct VI-S Core FFXIV Guide will tell you how to get it, and where to look for it.

Construct VI-S Core FFXIV

In order to get the Construct VI-S core, you’ll need to collect Faux Leaves. These are only obtainable during a weekly minigame called Faux Hollows, which unlock after you complete an Unreal trial. You can potentially play this minigame up to twice per week, with the correct amount of luck. After you collect 600 leaves, you can trade with the Faux Commander in Idyllshire for the core.

Construct VI-S Core FFXIV

To get started on this, you’ll need to beat Shadowbringers and complete the Fantastic Mr. Faux quest by speaking to the Painfully Ishgardian Man in Idyllshire. By completing that quest, you’ll unlock the Unreal trials, which are superpowered versions of some old trials (like the Whorleater).

600 leaves may sound like a lot… Because it is! During the Faux Hollows minigame, you flip 11 tiles on a 36 tile board. The goal is to collect Large, Medium, and Small images on the board. There’s a slight problem, though… Small gives 100, Medium gives 10, and Large gives a mere 5. You’ll want to get the Large, however, since it’ll let you attempt Faux Hollows again during the week. This is certainly a mount to grind for! If you’re lucky, it’ll only take 3 weeks… But that amount of luck might be a bit difficult.

If you’re try-harding, you may want to try this fantastic application by sturalke; the Faux Hollows Probabilistic Solver. This’ll give you a great chance to maximize your rewards during Faux Hollows.

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