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ffxiv one mans relic

You’ve moved through the endgame of the Resistance Weapon Questline. Good work! This is a really good questline for you to do in the late parts of Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers, since you get so many rewards! One of these reward paths is “One Man’s Mettle”, a quest that you get at the very end of your Resistance Weapons career. The question is… Is it worth it? Our FFXIV One Man’s Relic guide

FFXIV One Man’s Relic

One Man’s Relic is a farming quest, available from Annes after you complete Fit for a Queen. After you complete Delubrum Reginae, you have a ton of quest options! Annes is at x: 6.2, y: 5.4 in Gangos. 

In order to start the quest, you need an Enigmatic Bozjan Relic. You get the Enigmatic Bozjan Relic every time you complete the normal clear of Delubrum Reginae. No easy feat! But honestly, I think it’s fairly well worth it!

As a reward for destroying your Bozjan Relic, you gain 12,000 mettle and 3 Gold Bozjan Coins. The gold coins are for purchasing various sets of armor at item level 510. This armor is fantastic, and won’t cost you a cent! Just time. You can also get these coins (and some Silver coins) by completing Delubrum Reginae… Which is admittedly quite hard!

So, the quest is actually fairly worth it just for the Gold coins that you can collect. But, you are also given a gigantic dump of Mettle! Mettle is great, but it’s primarily a help on the Bozjan Front and Resistance Weapon quests. If you don’t care too much about Resistance weapons, then you don’t really need to do these quests. However, it’s a good idea to have a big storage of mettle in case they boost the Resistance Weapons further in the near future.

So, as a weekly quest, this gives an absolute buttload of experience and resources! It’s a great way to farm out the Law set, so consider doing it if you either enjoy Delubrum Reginae or want to avoid paying the relatively big price for good armor on the Marketplace.

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