Stardew Valley Golden Walnut | What is It, Where Do You Get It?

stardew valley Golden Walnut

How are you enjoying the new update? Ginger Island is full of things to do, and parrots to see! The parrots are looking for a specific currency that nobody else would ever consider; the Golden Walnuts. These items are exactly what you need to push on in the story of Ginger Island, and unlock all of the possible parts of the island for you to explore. So, where are they, and what do you unlock? Find out what to use Stardew Valley Golden Walnut for here!

Stardew Valley Golden Walnut Guide

Golden Walnuts are a currency on Ginger Island that are shared between all members of your party. There are 130 total scattered across your island. 

Finding the Golden Walnut in Stardew Valley

There are a ton of ways to gather these walnuts. You can pick walnut plants, dig dirt (encircled in pebbles), dig sand (encircled in starfish), digging lighter patches of dirt, killing monsters, fishing, mining, breaking golden coconuts, or breaking crates in the dungeon. Occasionally, harvesting crops on the Ginger Island farm can randomly drop crops.

These items are hidden in plenty of spots across Ginger Island; you’ll have a lot of luck grinding them near the mountain. Since some of them drop randomly, the game keeps track of them for you! The Parrots will squawk hints at you to let you know how many coconuts are available in different parts of the island. Otherwise, they’ll at least give you hints about where to look next!

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Gathering 116 total walnuts will let you get all of the parrot upgrades. That means you can exchange 14 walnuts for Qi Gems, if you wish! The upgrades mainly allow for you to get more quality of life on the island, allowing you to chill out a bit and not have to go home quite so often. Some examples include the Island Digsite bridge repair, the Island Trader, and the Farmhouse Mailbox. Get the upgrades as soon as you can, since they’ll unlock the paths to the rest of the island! That’ll get you even more Walnuts!

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