Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Staff List

Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Staff

Looking for a little extra magic in your Kingdom Hearts 3 game? Donald Duck is here for you! Donald Duck serves as King Mickey’s Court Magician and wields some of the most powerful magic in the game. His primary weapon is his staff which enhances his magical powers and casting ability. Our favorite Duck may not have the variety of staffs to choose from like with Keyblades, but there are still choices to be made. Our Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Staff List can help you with that!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Staff Guide

Just like with most weapons in Kingdom Hearts 3, you can upgrade Donald Duck’s staffs using the synthesis process. Item synthesis lets you both craft as well as upgrade items, weapons, and armor into more powerful versions. You can tell when a version is upgraded by whether or not it has a + symbol after its name.

When ranking the staffs in Kingdom Hearts 3, we considered the weapons Strength and Magic scores. We also weighed the special abilities the staff offers. Below are our five favorite options.

5. Mage’s Staff

Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Staff

At the bottom of our list is the Mage’s Staff. This is the default staff that Donald Duck has access to, so it is available from the opening moments of the game. The Mage’s Staff has a Strength of 3 and a Magic of 4. While this staff isn’t noticeably weaker than other options, it doesn’t contain any special abilities.

4. Warhammer

Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Staff

The Warhammer is a solid choice once you’ve built up some resources. You can obtain this weapon at any time, but you’ll need a budget to get it. The Warhammer can be purchased from the Moogle Shop at any point so long as you have 400 Munny to spend.

3. Magician’s Wand

Our third entry in our Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Staff List is the Magician’s Wand. The wand can be purchased from the Moogle Shop for a cost of 600 Munny. True to its name, the wand favors Magic to Strength. Its Magic score is 6, while its Strength is 4. The wand can be upgraded to Magician’s Wand+, which is a slightly better version of the wand that offers the Blizzard Boost ability.

2. Heartless Maul

Our second favorite staff on the list is the Heartless Maul. This staff is a hoss, with a Magic of six that is equal to that of the Magician’s Wand. Where the Maul is clearly superior is the Strength score, though, as the Heartless Maul has a Strength of 8. It also has the Hyper Healing and Heartless Buster abilities. It can be upgraded to the Heartless Maul+, which has the same stats but adds the MP Thrift ability. You can get the Heartless Maul as a reward in Collector’s Goals (Get 42 Kinds of Synthetic Materials).

1. Save the Queen

Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Staff

Here we are: our top choice for Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Staff! Without a doubt, our favorite option is Save the Queen. This staff has a Strength of 6 which is better than any option other than the Heartless Maul. But where Save the Queen really shines is the Magic score of 9. This staff also has the Damage Syphon and MP Hastera abilities. It can also be upgraded to Save the Queen+.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Staff List. Agree with our assessment? Let us know either way in the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Kingdom Hearts 3 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

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