Stardew Valley Tiger Slime Egg | What is it, What Does it Do?

Stardew Valley tiger slime egg

Looking for some exotic omelets? Well, in Stardew Valley’s Ginger Island update, you can get some pretty fantastic eggs! One of them, the Tiger Slime egg, is as rare as can be… But it’s very much worth farming if you want to see one of these cute fellas hopping around on your side! Our Stardew Valley Tiger Slime Egg guide will tell you why you might like to farm these eggs, and the best way to do so!

Tiger Slime Egg in Stardew Valley

The Tiger Slime egg is a tiger-stripped blob with the description “can be hatched in a slime incubator.” It is an inedible crafting component that sells for 8,000g.

How to Get It

In order to get any Slime Eggs to drop, you must first construct a Slime Hutch. This building allows you to raise slimes, and starts allowing them to drop slime eggs on kill. The Tiger Slime Egg seemingly cannot be produced by the Slime Press; if there is a chance for the egg to come out as a Tiger Slime Egg, the odds are incredibly low.

Head to Ginger Island, and go to either the Volcano Dungeon or the Tiger Slime Grove. The Dungeon is easier to get to right away and might give you a slime egg early.

Once you unlock the Island West, by giving the Parrot 10 Golden Walnuts, you unlock the path to the Tiger Slime grove. It is north of the pond, and spawns mahogany trees and a bunch of Tiger Slimes. Great place to get guaranteed Tiger Slime spawns.


Tiger Slime Eggs can be placed in a Slime Incubator. After about 3 days and 6 hours, a Tiger Slime will spawn. This allows you to grow a bunch of Tiger Slimes.

Tiger Slimes will mate and reproduce, just like other slimes. This will allow you to farm Tiger Slime specific items, like the Tiger Hat or Taro Tuber. If you want a consistent source of tiger slime farming, you’ll have to clear out your slime hutch and just grow Tiger Slimes.

Remember, to prevent the Witch from turning your Tiger Slimes into Transparent Slimes, you’ll need to put down a Wicked Statue! You can also isolate the slimes to avoid needing to fight them all the time, though this will make it harder to consistently kill them for their drops.

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