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In the world of Crusader Kings 3 to fund an entire dynasty is sure to cost a lot of money. No doubt that cost will continue to rise and rise as your population and lands grow! Of course, as the ruler, you want to make sure that when it comes to your heir, that they are well provided for, the best of the best! One of the options available to you is to build historical mines when you find a patch of gold ore! Learn about them with our CK3 Mines Guide

CK3 Mines Guide

Now constructing a mine early one is a hefty price to pay. The investment is well worth it in the long run, though. A mining settlement will cost you 400 gold coins. As I said, is incredibly hefty in the early game, and the construction of the mine takes five years to complete.

Depending on where you start, it will have different effects, but the main thing is that if you acquire the starting mine, you’ll be earning +3 gold a month,  which in 11 years the mine will be paid off for, and only benefits will remain. And 11 years is an extremely short amount of time in Crusader Kings 3.

If you have the right set up with modifiers towards tax, such as Greedy, Stewardship, etc. the time it takes to reap profits is incredibly shorter.

For those wondering where the mines are, do not worry, as user/Gidge3716 has created a map of every mine province in Europe. If you can net one or a couple of these on your playthrough, then these will make you some serious money!

CK3 Mines

One of the best starting locations is Mali. Emperor Mansa Mula of Mali has an overwhelming three mines out of the nine in the game! Which is insane!

Nerds and Scoundrels

That wraps up our CK3 Mines Guide! Ready to do some digging to grow your empire? We hope this guide helped with that. If you need more CK3 content, check out our guide to changing culture in CK3.

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