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After a long day of exploration, dungeon expeditions, or even razing cities down, there’s nothing better than going home to the loving embrace of a woman. Hence choosing from the list of wives in Skyrim is quite a big deal. When choosing your wife, you’re free to find one that’s just as battle-tested as you are or someone who’s more than happy to stay home, cook your meals and wait for you. This list will definitely be useful in helping you choose the right wife for you.

Do note that this is a Nerds and Scoundrels ranking that reflects the usefulness of the character when it comes to gameplay. So if you’re looking for the most beautiful of the wives to get in Skyrim, then this list isn’t the one for you.

#10 Muiri

wives in Skyrim



Location: The Hag’s Cure, Markarth

Requirements: Completion of “Mourning Never Comes” quest.

Muiri is an apprentice of an Alchemist with a relatively pleasant appearance. In terms of looks, what stands out about her are her facial tattoos.

She will run an Alchemy shop where you can buy or sell potions or even ingredients you no have any use for.

Due to her low level of 6, her survivability is very low. Chances are, she’ll die if she ever has to fight. Remember that if she does die, it will be permanent.

You can marry her after completing the “Mourning Never Comes” quest, which will only be available after you complete one of the initial contracts given soon after joining Dark Brotherhood.

Marrying her will give you access to one of the bedrooms in The Hag’s Cure.

#9 Ria

Location: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun

Requirements: Companions questline completion.

Ria is the Companion’s newest member as well as its only Imperial. Due to the fact that she doesn’t have a home either, you won’t be getting anything if you choose to marry her, however, she is a good wife in Skyrim.

Ria is the warrior type, meaning she’ll follow you and even fight alongside you. Sleeping near her will also grant you combat bonuses.

This, however, is a double-edged sword. Ria is a true warrior who believes in glory in death. This means you may find her seeking it out, even without you by her side.


#8 Camilla Valerius

Location: Riverwood Trader, Riverwood

Requirements: Golden Claw quest completion

Perhaps the most attractive option on this list, Camilla doesn’t have a shortage of people trying to become worthy of her love. But no worries, for she’ll surely be yours so long as you achieve her requirement.

If you decide to marry Camilla, you also get a nice room in the shop of Riverwood Trader as a bonus. Since it’s yours, of course, you can also choose to live there.


#7 Jenassa


wives in Skyrim

Location: The Drunken Huntsman, Whiterun

Requirements: Must have hired her before

Jenassa can be paid with 500 gold in order to make her into a follower. She is more than capable of fighting alongside you and will definitely be useful in combat. Since her combat proficiency can reach level 40, she is a perfect candidate for the ones looking for the best companion in the early parts of the game. She is one of the best wives in Skyrim.

#6 Njada Stonearm

Location:  Jorrvaskr, Whiterun

Requirements: Companions questline completion

Njada Stonearm is part of The Companions, just like Ria. In fact, the two of them are quite identical, but Njada Stonearm is the much talented of the two. Aside from her reliability in combat, Njada has access to a myriad of other skills that may prove useful. This includes sneaking and pickpocketing, and even speech.

You won’t be getting any property from marrying her and she won’t be opening a shop where you get some pieces of gold from, but she’ll be useful in improving your combat efficiency.

#5 Brelyna Maryon

Location: Hall of Attainment, College of Winterhold

Requirements: Brelyna’s Practice quest completion

You can find Brelyna Maryon in her small room located in the College of Winterhold, which you can eventually move into if ever you decide to marry her. Not just a wife, Brelyna can also be a follower due to her arsenal of skills that have undeniable offensive power. However, she is a textbook definition of a glass cannon, meaning her high offense is held back by her lack of resistances.

She will follow you until you reach level 30, so it’s a good idea to choose her early in your gameplay.


#4 Uthgerd the Unbroken

Location: The Bannered Mare, Whiterun

Requirements: Brawl and win against her after taking her wager

Uthgerd is honestly one of the best options to immediately go for since she’ll give you 100 gold if you win against her. While fighting her seems like a scary prospect, the fight is actually very straightforward so you can easily win it to get that free 100 gold. After beating her, you get the option to get her as a follower, as a wife, or even both.

When in combat, there are very few followers that can match Uthgerd. Capable of dishing out damage while being tanky, she can function well as a melee tank or a ranged DPS.

The best part? Uthgerd owns a house, truly making her one of the best options to go for when you’re just getting started.


#3 Borgakh the Steel Heart

Location: Mor Khazgur

Requirements: Equip the Amulet of Mara while having her as a follower

Orcs are definitely one of the least attractive races, just behind the Argonians for the worst. However, the benefits you get from marrying Borgakh are definitely worth it.

First of all, you get to live in Larak’s Longhouse, which is an Orc structure that will surely serve you well. In the near vicinity of this stronghold, you’ll find numerous merchants as well as skill-relevant resources that are available for your use.

Borgakh is also impressive in combat, capable of using powerful weapons along with heavy armor.

While marrying her just to make good use of her benefits seems like a truly evil thing to do, it can’t be denied that her benefits are very truly good.


#2 Mjoll the Lioness

Location: In or around The Bee and Barb Inn, Riften

Requirements: Grimsever’s Return quest completion

Aside from being your most brave of all wives in Skyrim, Mjoll can also serve as an amazing follower. She has impressive skills in combat, as well as undeniable strength and prowess in battle. She can is capable of reaching level 40, and she’s practically unkillable.

In order to get her, you must get make her “like” you by agreeing that the local Thieves Guild are a menace. If you’re at least level 14, she’ll grant you a quest which you then need to finish before asking for her hand.

The only downside is a quirky one: you’ll always have Aerin hovering around the vicinity. Obviously, this isn’t such a massive downside, but it’s probably worth mentioning at least.


#1 Aela the Huntress

Location: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun

Requirements: Companions questline completion

Aela the huntress is undoubtedly one of the best followers you can get in the whole world of Skyrim, so it’s no surprise that she’d also make an amazing wife. She can reach level 50, and you can get her pretty early on in your travels as a follower, where she’ll definitely be useful even in battle.

Her skills are numerous, including sneak, light-armor, one-handed, archery, and even speech. This set of skills alone make her a good all-around companion and thus one of the most amazing wives you can get in the Skyrim. Simply put, there’s a reason why she’s number one.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Skyrim Best Wives Top 10. Looking for more buddies in the world of Skyrim? Check out our guide to Skyrim’s Best Steward!


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