What to Do After Beating High on Life

High on Life is, without question, one of the most interesting new games we’ve had in a while. It is full of humor, action, and clever storytelling. Sure, it also has a knife that screams at you about stabbing people – but it’s a lot of fun. So what to do after beating High on Life? There is still fun to be had, even if you have largely finished the story. Here are a few of our suggestions.

Here Are Things to Do After Beating High on Life

What To Do After Beating High on LIfe

Keep Exploring

You cannot play through the same bounty hunter missions again. However, after you defeat the final boss you have the option of further exploring the planets you previously discovered. When you choose to continue the game after defeating Garmantuous, you will find yourself back in your house. Go do some exploring! Maybe even watch this guy’s bike.

Find the Secret Ending

This bizarre game has a secret ending, because of COURSE it does. You can only get to it by first defeating Garmantuous. After completing the final bounty, you can unlock this secret ending with the help of our Human Haven Keycard guide.

Watch a Movie

By now you’ve probably heard that there are full-length movies hidden in the game. Why not watch one? Other than the fact they are all pretty bad, anyway. You can watch Blood Harvest and a few other options either on your couch or at the movie theater.

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