Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat Quiz | What to Choose?

Every Harry Potter fan can tell you that getting into the right house at Hogwarts is a big deal? Are you a Hufflepuff at heart? A Gryffindor at your core? No matter the answer, no one wants to be stuck in the wrong house. Thankfully, the right answers to the Hogwarts Legacy sorting hat quiz can ensure you get your first choice of houses. Let’s dive into our guide to find out how.

How Does the Sorting Hat Quiz in Hogwarts Legacy Work?

hogwarts legacy sorting hat quiz

If you are a Potterhead, you have probably answered one of those “What Hogwarts House would I Be In?” quizzes available all over the internet. In a way, the same type of quiz is used to help you select your house in Hogwarts Legacy. The quiz in Hogwarts Legacy is similar, but only one answer really matters in the end.

In fact, the first answer you give does not matter at all. Regadless of your response, it is the follow-up that makes a difference. You’ll be asked what the sorting hat senses in you, and the answer to this question is important. You will get four answers to choose from, and each answer corresponds with one of the houses at Hogwarts. Those answers include:

  • Ambition – Slytherin
  • Daring – Gryffindor
  • Loyalty – Hufflepuff
  • Curiosity – Ravenclaw

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Can I Choose My House in Hogwarts Legacy?

Your answer to the quiz will give one of the four houses as a suggestion. That said, you are also given the opportunity to reject that house and select another of your choosing. In the end, you can pick any of the four houses no matter what is suggested for you.

That’s all there is to answering this quiz. Pick from these four options to get the house you want, and let us know in the comment section which option you selected!

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